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Science Fiction Romance

Mitzi leads a quiet life as a professional matchmaker. Her cozy life is turned upside down when she is chosen as the matchmaker for an alien species searching for wives. Naturally, she refuses. Unfortunately, she’s having a hard time saying no to the dashingly handsome but domineering alien warrior. Although, he makes her heart flutter, it’s a good thing he’s not her type.


Jax, captain of the Talzor starship, is ordered to hire a shalhinari, a spiritual matchmaker, to find soul mates for six of his men. He locates the best shalhinari on Earth; yet, Mitzi Selig the earthbound woman tries his patience. To his distress, he is drawn to her beauty, questioning his judgment. Worse, his long suppressed empathy gene awakens, a trait not seemly for a warrior.


The magnetic pull between Captain Jax and Mitzi is astronomical. Yet, can a tormented warrior and a woman who refuses to leave Earth find love? A long light-year distance relationship is one thing, but looming danger could curtail any chance for their star-crossed passion.

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Steampunk Novels

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2014 3rdfb reveal - blogs Hand of Miriam

Hand of Miriam

A Bayla and the Golem Novel

On an archaeological expedition, Bayla Gideon, is widowed by a supernatural force and branded with the Hand of Miriam or Knowing Eye. Threatened by evil, she awakens the golem; a mythical man of clay, who protected the Jewish community over three centuries ago.

The golem, Gesher, is surprised. Freedom –by a beautiful, enchanting woman. His desire is to return to the celestial spheres and regain his status as an avenging angel. Yet, Bayla challenges his mind, body and soul. Would he risk his return to the heavens for her?

Besides, dealing with the otherkind, mad inventors and an unrelenting matchmaking aunt, Bayla is equally determined to resist her steamy attraction to the striking fallen angel. 

Thrust into a malevolent war, which includes facing Jack the Ripper, they must resist the magnetic pull toward each other, while protecting the world from encroaching evil.

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Note: Hand of Miriam is Book 1 of a duology in Bayla and the Golem novels, which will continue after Book 2, Her Majesty’s Witch, in 2016. I aim to write steampunk adventures of other corseted but brainy members of the exclusive Bluestocking Adventuress Club.

Book 2 in the Bayla and the Golem Novels, Her Majesty’s Witch is Now Available for Purchase Everywhere, 2016 Release Day. Sale price until the end of the weekend. Book 1 Hand of Miriam 

Her Majestys Witch_ebook cover

Her Majesty’s Witch, a member of the secret society of the Grigori, and married to Emmet, a former angel with the capability to transform into a golem, Bayla’s life is complex, to say the least.

As if her life was not complicated enough, Bayla’s beloved husband is plagued with becoming a golem without notice while unconscious. A trip to visit Herr Doctor Sigmund Freud becomes necessary to get to the root of Emmet’s spontaneous golemness.

Add in a greedy archaeologist, an awakened malevolent Egyptian mummy, and an uninvited trip to the Ottoman Empire’s harem, and matters are complicated to the point of having global consequences.

Can Bayla and the Golem defeat an evil Egyptian Priest and his horde of flesh eating revenants before he turns Her Majesty’s Empire into the Nile Valley?

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The spinoff to Alpha Wolf’s Pet, The Team Greywolf series now has a logo. These novels willbe full length and more paranormal action/adventure but satisfactory steamy scenes.






Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hidden Book 1 and . Now on Audible: Click on image to listen or buy.

Alpha Wolf Pet Audio

 News about The Stone of the Tenth Realm, my epic fantasy.

Release Date: April 2015. Book cover reveal coming soon.

In the meantime:

I’m writing book 1, Slade (Team Greywolf)  in the spinoff to Alpha Wolf’s Pet series. I plan on a summer 2015 release.

My agent is seeking publication for The Game Keeper’s Daughter, my steamy Victorian historical novel.

HEA on USA TODAY Guest. Alpha Wolf’s Pet: Kept author @evagordon’s inspirations: Wolf sanctuary volunteering, wolf history, what if? Click Here

Good News! Apocalyptic Moon selected as one of Best Kindle Books for 2014. Click Here

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